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  • Haematology Ward Project

    Coventry University Hospital project

    Over August 2014 I painted 9 rooms across the Haematology Ward at Coventry University Hospital. I painted a flora and fauna theme in relaxing colours using motifs to flow around the room as a positive…

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  • Royal College of Secret Art Exhibition 2014

    Everyone's favourite postcard art show returns in 2014 with a headline sponsor and name change to Stewarts Law RCA Secret.

    Lynne will donating to the RCA Secret Exhibition…

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  • Lynne has been commissioned to design wedding stationery

    Stationery Design

    Lynne said, 'I have been so busy working predominantly on mural enhancement for the past few years it has been lovely to be asked to design for people's special day. I used to do stationery…

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  • Welcome to the World Hardy!!

    Welcome to the World Hardy!!

    I am delighted to announce that Hardy Ned Hollingsworth arrived safely on October 5th 2009! He weighed in at 7lb 8oz and is super gorgeous. Hal is enjoying patting and kissing his new brother and I…

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  • Plinther


    I had a fantastic time on the standing on the plinth on my birthday. It was great to have Trafalgar Square singing Happy Birthday to me!! Thanks to everyone who came along to watch and to those who…

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  • Pregnant on the Plinth!!!

    Pregnant on the Plinth!!!

    I have been one of the few to be selected to stand on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square’s for Anthony Gormley’s new art project ‘One and Other’.
    For those of you who…

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  • Hal’s Tea Party

    Hal’s Tea Party

    Hal raised £210.00 for Bliss at his first birthday party in March. It was a fantastic, sunny day and it was magical for him to share it with his family and friends. Simon and I took this special…

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  • Hal Gives the Thumbs up to QUAD Art Cinema!

    Hal Gives the Thumbs up to QUAD Art Cinema!

    Hal enjoying the seats in the new QUAD cinema!! We are booking some seats for Cine Kids at Quad and we are looking forward to seeing our first film as a family – I can’t…

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  • Hal at the launch of QUAD

    Hal at the launch of QUAD

    Hal enjoys listening to the artist Bill Drummond at the launch of QUAD and ‘The 17’ exhibition.Renowned artist and musician Bill Drummond created a unique performance…

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  • Happy 2009!!

    Happy 2009!!

    Happy 2009!! Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had a moment spare to write my blog as I’ve been so busy (as you will see form the News section) I am preparing for a couple of exhibitions…

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  • Hanging out with Hal at the Open Studios Event Summer 2008

    Hanging out with Hal at the Open Studios Event Summer 2008

    Hal enjoyed his first Open Studios Event. He was helping me to exhibit my artwork and made a very unique and creative addition to my new studio space on the third floor. I think he was the most popular…

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  • Little Hal - The Emerging Artist!!

    Little Hal - The Emerging Artist!!

    Little Hal is already making his mark in the art world at only 9 weeks old! Hal was invited to lay the virtual foundation stone at the launch event for Living Derby at Derby Museum and Gallery. As…

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  • A Tiny Bundle of Joy!

    A Tiny Bundle of Joy!

    It’s taken a while to get back to my blog, as I have been very busy on my most important creation to date! Hal Thomas Hollingsworth was born at 1.52am on Thursday March 20th. It was all a bit…

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  • Prowess and the UK Female Ambassadors Programme

    Prowess and the UK Female Ambassadors Programme

    As I am actively committed to supporting women in business I am delighted to have become a member of Prowess.Prowess is a network of organisations and individuals who support the growth of women’s…

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  • 'Tis the Season

    ‘Tis the Season

    I collected my Season’s Greetings cards today. They are a limited edition print of 250. I am looking forward to sending these out to all my friends and valued customers.

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  • News Update

    News Update

    I’ve been working hard putting together the visuals for the three books about my paintings and my community projects. I’m really looking forward to launching these next year. Reviewing…

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