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Case Studies

  • Frosted Window Designs For UCHW Birthing Pool Room

    Frosted Window Designs For UCHW Birthing Pool Room

    Lynne designed and installed a series of frosted window designs for the birthing pool room, on a large interior window, external windows and windows in the toilet area. The frosted windows allow for…

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  • Breastfeeding Room on Children's Ward UCHW

    Art Panel in Breast Feeding Room on Children’s Ward UCHW

    Lynne has created a large wall panel for the breast feeding room on the children’s ward. The room has no windows so Lynne created a subtle and calming artwork to give a sense of  'bringing…

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  • Whole School Literacy Mural Project

    St Benedict’s School Whole School Literacy Mural Project

    This was a very inclusive project. Lynne ran a series of creative writing workshops across all year groups at the school. Students looked at a diverse range of writers and at different aspects of literacy…

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  • Wirksworth Swimming Pool, Footprint Project

    Wirksworth Swimming Pool, Footprint Project

    Lynne designed and painted a set of ten non-slip footprints at Wirksworth Swimming Pool. The bright yellow footprints are used as a teaching and learning tool at the pool and have been a huge hit with…

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  • Coventry Hospital Corridor Panels

    Coventry Hospital Corridor Panels

    Lynne was commissioned to create two large panels for the hospital corridor at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire. The panels are situated in the corridor near the Women and Childrens entrance…

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Project Films

Lynne documents her public and community arts projects in film.

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