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Creative Spaces Project, Wath Comprehensive Mural Film

October 2006

This short, lively film shows the process of a large-scale mural project. Lynne worked with a group of Year 10 students at Wath Comprehensive, as part of the Transform Schools Project in Rotherham. Lynne worked on a large-scale external mural with students after a series of teambuilding, planning and designing workshops. The finished video featured the track ‘Right Here, Right Now’ by Fat Boy Slim, used with the kind permission of the DJ Norman Cook.

It is widely held that there is a link between the quality of the environment in which our nation’s children are required to study, and their ultimate academic achievement. As the quality of the environment is enhanced, then so too is educational attainment, behavioural characteristics and indeed teacher and pupil morale. To this end, dedicated companies have been set up by two of the country’s leading companies involved in PFI in Education, under the generic banner of Transform Schools, to meet the needs of improving the existing fabric, maintaining buildings through time and delivering core services to allow the academic staff the freedom to concentrate on the delivery of education. For information see http://www.transformschools.co.uk


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