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Case Studies / Mural Projects

  • Mural in Midwife-Led Room

    Mural in Midwife-Led Room

    Lynne has created a stunning mural design in room six, a midwife-led room on Labour Ward. Lynne worked very closely with staff to create a mural theme which creates a calming and reassuring environment.…

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  • Labour Ward Reception Mural

    Labour Ward Reception Mural

    The reception area at the Labour Ward has been transformed with the use of a large, calming mural on the back wall focusing on colour and subtle floral imagery. Lynne said, ‘The reception area…

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  • Labour Ward Waiting Room and Corridor Murals

    Labour Ward Waiting Room and Corridor Murals

    The mural fits perfectly into the waiting room which also features new softer lighting fitted to compliment the mural. The theme extends out into the corridor across the walls and also onto a pillar.…

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  • Labour Ward Entrance Mural

    Labour Ward Entrance Mural

    Lynne worked closely with staff at Derby Royal Hospital Labour Ward to create murals in the busy entrance and reception areas. The entrance to the Labour is a busy and thriving area of the hospital…

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  • Birthing Pool Room Mural, Derby Royal Hospital

    Birthing Pool Room Mural, Derby Royal Hospital

    The birthing pool room is an incredibly special area, so the designs were created to be very simple and relaxing to create ambience. Lynne painted the mural with help from Chloe Purcell, a Year 10…

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Project Films

Lynne documents her public and community arts projects in film.

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