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FAQ General

Who are your favourite artists?

I am influenced by so many creative forces. I believe if you are a creative person you embrace creativity in lots of different ways. I love poetry, sculpture, music, film and graphic design: all of these energies impact on my work and working practices. I admire the poetry of Stevie Smith. I adore the music of The Smiths and PJ Harvey. I am inspired by the design drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci. I love the graphic design work of Klaus Haapaniemi and video production of Mark Romanek, I could go on and on....

Where did you study?

I went to Falmouth Art School in Cornwall where I did a degree in Fine Art. I focused on painting. I was very fortunate to live in a house with a balcony overlooking the harbour and the town; it was a great inspirational location with beautiful scenery.

Falmouth Harbour

FAQ Murals

How long does it take to do a mural?

It really depends on the location and size. As my team and I are very experienced at working on murals, projects take much less time than most people would think. I have completed a mural in excess of 80 metres in length, the project took 4 weeks to complete on-site with the aid of a fantastic team.

Can you paint a mural anywhere?

As long as the surface is stable, a long lasting mural can be applied. Also health and safety concerns can determine whether a mural project will run, especially if the mural is located at height or on a live construction site. I have painted murals on external and internal walls and floors. Murals can also be painted on ceilings and in corridors: there are many possibilities, the more creative the better as it can make for a very interesting piece of original artwork. For more information on discussing viable mural locations, contact the artist directly.

How much does a mural cost?

It really depends on the location and size. If the mural is at height, scaffolding will need to be erected by an industry specialist and this can be an additional cost to the budget. Many of the educational and community projects have been awarded funding from various funding bodies, as they are worthwhile projects that enhance the community and engage young people in positive activities. For more information on discussing mural costs and funding, contact the artist directly.

Westfield mural

Do you just work with schools?

No, I work with colleges, universities, businesses, hospitals, shopping centres and many other organisations. Take a look at my mural case studies under 'Arts Projects' on this website to see examples of past projects.

Can I commission a mural?

Of course, if you have a location in mind and you’re wondering if it is suitable for a mural, feel free to give me a call to discuss how the project can run. I do get booked up early for mural projects and there is usually a waiting list. It’s always best to book in early to avoid disappointment. For more information on commissioning a mural and booking times, contact the artist directly.

FAQ Paintings

Lynne with Rock Vintage painting

Where do you get your inspiration from when you’re painting?

I get my inspiration from many sources including poetry, music and the natural world. Much of my artwork from the ‘Scapes’ Collection explores the theme of Scapes from sea and land through to urban and dreamscapes. Much of the artwork has derived from sketchbook drawing of landscapes and landscape memories. Many pieces explore the amalgamation of different types of Scapes, to allow the viewer to bring their own conclusion to the work in a personal way. My artworks from the ‘Rock Vintage’ Collection are created from my love of colour, pattern and vintage fabrics and wallpapers.

How much does a painting cost?

Paintings vary in price depending on content and size. Paintings found in galleries and in my studios are priced up and are ready to hang; many are waiting to be situated in their new homes. Many people commission a specific piece of artwork which may incorporate a selected colour palette. Some painting frames are made to a bespoke size and also have specialist canvas stretched over them. The cost increases when canvases are bespoke and specifically commissioned. For more information on pricing contact the artist directly.

Can I commission a painting?

I am happy to paint to commission. It is very important to me that my clients get exactly what they want; so all commissions start with a consultation and discussion about content, location and size. The client will then be given a price. When the price has been agreed a 50% deposit is taken before painting starts to secure the commission slot and to order in specialist materials. I currently have a waiting list for commissioned artwork, so please book in early to avoid disappointment. For more information on commissioning an original artwork, contact the artist directly.


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