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The Rock Vintage Collection

The first part of the 'works on canvas' gallery exhibits The Rock Vintage Collection. This collection celebrates my love for colour and pattern, particularly focusing on vintage pattern and historical wallpapers. The artworks are created using a mixture of painting and mono printing. I use intricate layering techniques which result in a range of rich and sumptuous paintings.

The Scapes Series

The second part of the 'works on canvas' gallery exhibits The Scapes Series. This body of work explores the theme of scapes from sea and land through to urban and dreamscapes. Many pieces explore the amalgamation of these scapes, to allow the viewer to bring their own conclusion to the work in a personal way. I enjoy working with the intensity and subtle nature of colour and experimenting with surface qualities. I create work that the viewer can look into, to the history between the layers of the opaque and the transparent, to the layers of washes and the scratched and rubbed areas. My colour fields range in scale from the large to the intimate, all dealing with the pull and push of shapes, space and harmony. I work mainly with oil or acrylic on canvas, exploring the flow of paint over a surface area and the history a painting possesses in the various stages through which it evolves.


Online Brochure

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Project Films

Lynne documents her public and community arts projects in film.

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