Lynne Hollingsworth

Antony Gormley and Lucian Freud Exhibition at the RA

I go to London as often as I can for research and to visit galleries and in November I just couldn’t miss the Antony Gormley and the Lucian Freud exhibitions at the Royal Academy. What a result for them to be on at the same time! Antony Gormley is an internationally renowned sculptor with the representation of the human body at the core of his diverse practice. I’ve always loved his work and was extremely fortunate to be part of Gormley’s One and Other public art project where I occupied the vacant fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square on my birthday in August 2009 - I was heavily pregnant at the time!  It was lovely to take my son who is now 10 to see his exhibition. To see the self-portraits of Lucian Freud was truly inspiring. Freud destroyed more self-portraits than he preserved so it was a real treat to see pure talent on show. Freud’s self-portraits reveal a curiosity towards changes in his expression, appearance and psychology and some are incredibly intimate.

The Psychology School - where change begins

In October I was absolutely delighted to be commissioned to produce some large wall art for The Psychology School in the centre of Nottingham. I had the pleasure to meet, and create artwork for, the amazing phychologist genius Serena Simmons at her new workspace. It involved some large sign writing and some deconstruction and reconstruction of Betts illustrations from the 1800s. I absolutely loved doing this project and have met a wonderful friend in the process! You can find out more about The Psychology School and Serena and the course she runs here.

“What makes a mathematician is not technical skill or encyclopedic knowledge, but insatiable curiosity and a desire for simple beauty.” Paul Lockhard

In the 19th Century Benjamin Betts set out to ask questions about consciousness, about how it works and how it shapes our lives  and created a series of mesmerising and very beautiful diagrams representing consciousness in a geometric form. These diagrams are collected in the 1887 book Geometrical Psychology, or, The Science of Representation

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