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As of this morning, Tuesday 17th March, all private lessons and tutoring have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

I have made this decision based on the ongoing situation surrounding Covid-19. I feel it is in the best interest of all my students.  If you have any questions or queries please get in touch.

I would like to thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you soon - stay creative and stay safe.

Derby Ram Trail 2020

I am thrilled to bits to be one of the thirty artists selected for the The Derby Ram Trail. In fact both of my designs were chosen and I will be decorating two Rams for two different sponsors. It has been an honour to be selected.  This will be an engaging and amazing public art sculpture event with over 30, individually painted 5ft tall Rams, threading through the city centre during the summer of 2020. The project is organised by Wild in Art and  Derby Museums, and will see huge fibreglass sculptures in the shape of Derby’s mythical Ram; which, according to legend, was ten yards high with enormous horns and a huge flowing fleece.

Decorated Rams will be on public display between June and August 2020. After the trail has finished, the sculptures are brought together for one weekend, the Ram-union, before they are, auctioned off to raise money for Derby Museums’ Endowment Fund, helping to secure the future of Derby Museums.

Local sculptor Michael Pegler, who in 1995 created the famous stone ram now on Derby’s East Street, has generously allowed Derby Museums to use his Ram design for the trail sculptures.

For more information got to

Interactive Wings Mural January 2020

I was delighted to be commissioned to design and paint a bespoke interactive mural for CTSkills at their Derby Centre. I designed and painted a wings mural to be launched for National Apprenticeship Week 2020 which started on February 3rd. This year's theme was 'Look Beyond' I designed the wings with inspirational wording to create an uplifting design to make people think about their preconceptions of what an apprentice is and what apprenticeship means to them. The centre ran a selfie competition with the wings mural over the National Apprenticeship Week  so I look forward to seeing the winning entries!

Website Painting Gallery Launch 2020

Happy New Year! Wishing you a very peaceful and creative 2020. I'm currently working on a new painting gallery website which I hope to launch early this year. The new site will be specifically geared to showcasing my original paintings and also to share techniques and artists information. There will also be painting store to buy new original artwork. I am really looking forward to sharing art and ideas with you!

The Psychology School - Where Change Begins

In October I was absolutely delighted to be commissioned to produce some large wall art for The Psychology School in the centre of Nottingham. I had the pleasure to meet, and create artwork for, the amazing phychologist genius Serena Simmons at her new workspace. It involved some large sign writing and some deconstruction and reconstruction of Betts illustrations from the 1800s. I absolutely loved doing this project and have met a wonderful friend in the process! You can find out more about The Psychology School and Serena and the course she runs here.

“What makes a mathematician is not technical skill or encyclopedic knowledge, but insatiable curiosity and a desire for simple beauty.” Paul Lockhard

In the 19th Century Benjamin Betts set out to ask questions about consciousness, about how it works and how it shapes our lives and created a series of mesmerising and very beautiful diagrams representing consciousness in a geometric form. These diagrams are collected in the 1887 book Geometrical Psychology, or, The Science of Representation

Samuel Johnson Maternity Unit Mural Ready for Social Media Pics!

September 2019 I was delighted to be commissioned by the Samuel Johnson Maternity Unit to create a mural for their corridor space. The aim was to create a piece of design-led wall art that families can have their photographs taken in front of.  A special space where they can be photographed their new baby  - with a view they can share this on social media with a beautiful backdrop. It was a fantastic place to work and the midwives were so welcoming.  I loved every part of being involved with this commission!!

Raving About The Raven

I designed and painted a friendly Raven in the Raven's classroom at Duffield Meadows school.  Ravens aren't usually known for their cute and cuddly image so it was a challenge to design this class mascot to appeal to young children in a friendly way. I enjoyed creating him and the class love him. He's situated on a pipe with some red, white and blue bunting painted beneath him as a nod to the ravens at the Tower of London.  He's surrounded by his pal the squirrel, which I also designed for the infant spaces.

Creating Inspirational Spaces Continues at Duffield Meadows School August 2019

Creating the corner space of Kingfisher Classroom for a child with Special Educational Needs. I've enjoyed making this a great space for him and can't wait to see the work that will go into the picture frames! The tree branches flow right up into the skylight and across the whole corner space. 

Labour Ward Virtual Tour Artwork July 2019

I was delighted to be commissioned by UHCW to create the artwork for the entrance and corridors that will feature in their Maternity Virtual Tour Films. The aim was to make the spaces feel inviting, less-clinical and aid with way finding. I'm looking forward to seeing the film when it's made!

Return to Medfest

I was delighted to be asked to be the artist again this year at Medfest 2019. I had great fun working with the kids and the adults in the beautiful sunshine on a collaborative piece of artwork. A great day listening to music and creating artwork in the open air! Thanks Team Medfest.

I'm Guest Speaker at Derby University Creative and Digital Event 2019

To celebrate the Mainframe 2019 Awards winners, the University of Derby will be hosting an event on Thursday 23 May, 5pm-8pm at 67 Bridge Street, Derby.

The Mainframe Awards is a celebration of the fantastic talent we have locally in the digital and creative sector. Following on from the Awards, this event will be a great opportunity for everyone working in the sector to get together and hear from some of the inspirational award winners and other guest speakers from the industry, including Lynne Hollingsworth, winner of the Digital/Creative Unsung Hero award.

It will also allow new talent across the sector including current students and alumni of the University to showcase their work and gain inspiration from the winners and those working in the sector.

The event welcomes all creative and digital business and those aspiring to work in the sector to come together with an added opportunity to explore the fantastic facilities and creative network of Banks Mill Studios.

The evening will include:

  • Informal networking with welcome drinks on arrival
  • Welcome message from the University of Derby
  • Introduction from Mainframe
  • Guest speaker(s) from award winners/shortlisted businesses talking about their journey
  • Networking


And the winner is ........

Me! I actually have an award! Yay! I can't tell you how delighted I am, but you've probably guessed. Accepting the Mainframe Award for Digital/Creative Unsung Hero was a very special moment for me. I am fortunate and privileged to have a career in the Creative Industries, doing a job I absolutely love and working with some truly inspirational people. It has been a real honour to be recognised for this work and awarded this accolade. Mainframe have made a real impact on supporting and championing digital and creative businesses across the region and I am proud to be part of this network.

Lynne Hollingsworth Shortlisted for the Mainframe Creative Unsung Hero Award 2019

Wowzers!! I am tickled pink, green, purple and yellow! To be shortlisted for the Mainframe Creative Unsung Hero Award 2019. The awards evening will take place at Quad on April 11th 6.30pm-10.30pm and it's not just for those waiting to hear if they are winners - they've planned an exciting night of networking, business support, food, drink & entertainment. If you would like a free ticket for the awards night please click here.

Mainframe will also be holding an Awards Night Market Place earlier that same evening (April 11th 5.30pm-7.00pm) where digital and creative people and businesses can find essential services to support them and their businesses. For more information please click here.

Mainframe is an initiative that aims to bring together a community of digital and creative business across Derby & Derbyshire, enabling real business growth and jobs. To find out more about Mainframe click here

Private Home, Wall Artwork March 2019

Sneak preview of some of the detail of the wall artwork I’ve been creating for a private home. It’s difficult to catch on camera the shimmer and tones of the specialist paints I’ve been working with.  I’ve really enjoyed working on this beautiful room. Lovely people to work for! 

Duffield Meadows Primary School January 2019

I'm currently working on an exciting project with Duffield Meadows Primary School. I've been commissioned to design and create mural enhancements for 8 toilet blocks in Infants and in Juniors, and a classroom area. With creativity and a good design you can make any space inspirational and fun. The pictures below show the detail of some of the characters I have designed specifically for Infants in the Lower School.

Neonatal (Phase 4) Reception Area December 2018

I designed and painted a welcoming space for visitors, patients and staff in the reception area. The hand-painted mural enhancements feature motifs of nature in subtle colours. 

Children's Area at Neonatal (Phase 3) UHCW December 2018

I've really enjoyed designing and painting the Children's Area at the Neonatal Unit. My plan was to create a colourful, uplifting space with a design-led quality. There is a lovely narrative to the artwork that works its way around the whole space.

Neonatal (Phase 2) December 2018

I've been working on Ellie's Room. I've painted mural enhancements around the room to match the windows I have designed. I will be adding two matching canvases at a later date. 

Neonatal Unit (Phase 1) at UHCW November 2018

I've been working in the amazing Neonatal Unit to design, create and install 10 window decal designs. Each design is unique and depicts calming motifs of plants and birds. I have also created hand-painted wall designs to match the decals. Phase 2, 3 and 4 will be completed over the next few months so watch this space.

Star Ceiling Mural July 2018

I was recently commissioned to paint a star themed mural on a ceiling at a private home. I really enjoyed working on this ethereal theme and putting together the constellations. The artwork glows in the dark too which adds another dimension to the work.

GAIT Lab at UHCW April 2018

I was really delighted to be asked to design and create the wall art for the Children's Gait lab at UHCW. The artwork covered 3 large walls . Children walk down the jetty towards the stop sign and are filmed in the new state of the art lab. I worked with a fantastic and dedicated team of lab consultants and technicians to create something really special for the children. 

Stand Up! Exhibition at Artcore Gallery 

The Stand Up Exhibition has been so well received that the exhibition is being extended until 16th of April.  

The Stand Up! Exhibition explores what is the role of female artists as citizens and what is their impact in our current society. The current economic and financial crisis is important in constructing gender citizenship. In neo-liberal times active citizens are conceptualized as independent, rational, and able individuals. This exhibition seeks to challenge the neo-liberal myth of citizenship,  re-imagines citizenship, identity and women’s labour with a view to informing new visions for the future. The show aims to exhibit the impact art has on gender equality while showcasing how far women have come in the art world, and how it has been life-saving and changing.
The exhibition showcases innovative and critically informed work.

Middle Bound Exhibition Quad Gallery 2018

Middle Bound Exhibition at Quad Gallery

Middle Bound: ‘Exploring the Social Fabric at the Heart of England' is a new site-specific installation by the artist Patrick Waterhouse and the graphic designer Tim Wan with the support of curator Mauro Bedoni, involving local artists and stories from the public into a narrative display.

From 5th-9th February, QUAD Gallery became a workshop and open studio, made accessible to the public, where artistic and creative work could be viewed as it happened with the goal of developing, conceptualising and building an exhibition. Artists, designers, photographers and members of the community have been selected through an open call and they explored questions like: What are the communities that make The Midlands what it is today, and how they relate to each other? What are the stories we tell? How does ethnicity and heritage affect attitudes?

The result shows interlinking narratives that display the passage of time by the overlaying of images and weaves together the people, places and things that bind the Midlands together. The exhibition takes on all aspects of life: cultural diversity of life today, the industry and leisure of the Midlands, rural and urban life, dwells into family, personal history of people and their archives.

It tackles themes of community, heritage, family, diversity, local history and industry.

The Participants – including artists, designers, photographers and members of the community - are: Farhad Berahman, Daniela Bayfield, Rica Cerbarano, Attilio Fiumarella, Shirley Hitchcock, Lynne Hollingsworth, Jessica Hollinshead, Tim Kay, Sally Kesterton, Fanni Kopácsi, Patricia Nimmo, Tristan Poyser, Richard Richards, David Severn, Tim Shore and Thomas Tierney.

'Middle Bound’
 is on display in QUAD Gallery until Sunday 11th March 2018. The Gallery is free to visit and open Monday to Saturday 11:00am to 5:00pm, Sundays 12 noon to 5:00pm. For more information, please see:

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